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About us

Common Language is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in January 2005. Common Language focuses on Chinese communities suffering from discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE), advocating for equal rights, public awareness, and combating violence and discrimination through community empowerment, direct aid services, public education, and policy advocacy. Common Language’s core values: Equality, Diversity, and Openness

The core value of the common language: equality, pluralism and openness
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Our work
  • Community Development
    Strengthening LBT (lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) community-based organization’s capacity, core leadership, and management; augmenting LBT community-based organization’s rights awareness, quality of service, and building advocacy skills to create an equitable society. 
    ● in-depth one-on-one mentorship for community-based organizations
    ● fellowships for community leaders
    ● l financial support through small grants
    LBT Community Development – “Vision” exercise during organizational capacity building

    LBT Community Development – “Self-discovery” exercise during organizational capacity building

  • Rainbow Anti Gender-based Violence Center (“Rainbow Anti GBV Center”)
    Providing direct service and intervention for LGBTI survivors of gender-based violence; strengthening community-based organizations’ violence prevention/awareness; building capacity of direct service providers for effective intervention. 

    ● telephone and online counseling
    ● case management
    ● support groups
    ● community empowerment
    ● trainings for direct service providers
    2017.04  – Rainbow Center – Forum Theatre Workshop in Hangzhou

    Rainbow Anti GBV Center – Nov. 25th Anti-Gender-based Violence Day Activities

  • Youth and Campus Activities
    Cultivating youth leaders to participate in social justice, promoting sexual and gender diversity education, and fostering inclusive school environments. 
    Youth and Campus - “LGBTI+ Students’ School Environment Research Report” presentation on campus

    Youth and Campus – Combating homophobia on campus

  • Legal Services and Advocacy
    Providing legal aid services to persons suffering from violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; strengthening NGOs’ legal awareness and advocacy capacity; participating in policy-making; ensuring LGBTI persons are equally protected and treated under the law. 

    Legal Services and Advocacy – China’s first transgender employment discrimination case’s court hearing in April 2017. 

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